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Oddballz Soundz


Hello again. On this page you can play and download sounds that we Oddballz made. I do wish Miriam would record sounds of me some more. Click the play button to play a sound and right-click and select "save target as" to download it. They don't come in ZIP format, so don't bother trying to unzip them. There's a lot of sounds, isn't there? The ones below are sequences but after that there are single sounds.



102 Singing   Play

Angry Grinnz   Play

Angry Honker  Play

Angry Jester   Play

Berserk Lips   Play

Grinnz Doing Karate   Play

Grinnz Singing   Play

Honker Singing   Play

Jester Singing   Play

Lips Singing   Play

Modvark Singing   Play

Norvil Singing   Play

Quadrapus Singing   Play

Sad Honker   Play

Sad Jester   Play

Skorch Singing   Play

Snowbo Singing   Play

Walret Singing   Play

Zott Singing   Play.


Single Sounds

Here are some funny Honker sounds:

Funny Honker    Funny Honker2    Cute Honker    "Mmm"    "Waaaa"

Here is a FREAKY Honker sound:

Freaky Honker

Funny Zott Sounds:

Funny Zott    Funny Zott2    Funny Zott3    Funny Zott4    Funny Zott5