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Toy Soundz


   Well, you caught me. I'm just lying down here. Wait a minute, can I tell you about myself? Oh, okay, okay, I'll explain how to use this page. This page has soundz that the toyz in Oddballz make. Click the play button to play a sound, and to download it right-click and select "save target as". Please don't mind if you hear an Oddball sound in the background, it's not part of the toy sound. (Psst! Don't tell Miriam that I tried to make a sound too!)


Atomic Ball   Play

Egg Tray Play

Flavorizer   Play

Gravitron   Play

Grubz   Play

Light Switch   Play

Liqui-Food   Play

Pop Box   Play

Robo-Pogo   Play

Siesmo Ball   Play

Sno-Blaster   Play

Toy Module   Play

Transformer   Play