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Atomic Ball

The Atomic Ball is a ball that Oddballz love fetching. Holding it over your Oddball makes it bigger. If you manage to hit it with the Transformer, it will go faster for several seconds. Hitting it with the Sno-Blaster makes it slow down, and the Gravitron will not attract it.


The Flavorizer can be used to color Oddballz, Grubz, Liqui-Food, and the Loco-Pop. You can change the color it uses.


The Gravitron attracts your Oddballz and makes them smaller. It also attracts all toys except the Atomic Ball and Liqui-Food. 


These treatz come in three flavors: pink, green, and black&yellow striped. You can color them (with the Flavorizer) any color you want. Try not to feed them to your Oddballz instead of Liqui-Food. If you dangle a Grub in front of an Oddball, it will do a trick for it. Oddballz also like to play with Grubz. Dropping the Siesmo Ball on a Grub will destroy it. Hitting it with the Transformer has the same effect.


This food is part liquid and part solid. It is nutritious for Oddballz and must be fed to them at least once a day. Oddballz like playing with it. You can color it any color. The Transformer and Sno-Blaster will move it a little. The Gravitron does not attract it either.

Loco Pop

The Loco Pop is another treat. It can be flavored with the Flavorizer. 102s do not like red Loco Pops. When Oddballz suck on a Loco Pop, they change color. After sucking, Oddballz will make weird moves and sounds. The Transformer and Sno-Blaster will move it a little.

Pop Box

The Pop Box is a radio. You can add songs to it. After a while, it pops and might scare an Oddball. Oddballz will dance and sing to the music.. Hitting it with the Sno-Blaster makes it stop playing and touching it after this makes it pop. The Transformer moves it.

Robo Pogo

The Robo Pogo is a toy that Oddballz like to bounce on. After a while, it will slow down and then stop. After sitting there for about a minute, it turns into the Spiky Pogo, which has red spikes and is a discipline tool. It will also turn into the Spiky Pogo if you hit it with the Transformer or put out the Siesmo Ball while it is out. The Sno-Blaster makes it stop.

Siesmo Ball

The Siesmo Ball is a discipline tool. Drop it on an Oddball and it will fall apart and then become whole again. It destroys Grubz. Dropping it while the Robo Pogo is out will turn it into a Spiky Pogo.


The Sno-Blaster is another discipline tool. If you blast an Oddball with it, the Oddball will turn into an ice cube for a few seconds. If you touch it or hold a toy over it while it is an ice cube, it will automatically revert to its original form. If you blast the Robo-Pogo with it, the Robo-Pogo will stop. Blasting the Pop Box with it makes the Pop Box stop playing.


The Transformer can transform your Oddballz into other animals. Sometimes it makes them explode and come together again. It makes the Atomic Ball go faster and the Robo-Pogo become spiky.