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Mixed Catz

Name: Mouser

Gender: male

Comments: I have no idea where he comes from. If he's yours, please tell me so.

Adopt Mouser

Persian mixes

Name: Ryan

Gender: male

Comments: I don't know where Ryan's from either.

Adopt Ryan

Main Coon mixes

Name: Sanchez

Gender: male

Comments: Looks pretty Main Coon-ish. Sanchez is from Paige.

Adopt Sanchez

Name: Chartreux

Gender: male

Comments: looks a lot like Sanchez (and also from Paige).

Adopt Chartreux

B & W Shorthair mixes

Name: Sicily

Gender: female

Comments: Wow. Nobody knows how this happened. This cat is also from Paige.

Adopt Sicily

Name: Hilo

Gender: male

Comments: Paige has been sending a lot of catz...

Adopt Hilo

Chickenz* Mixes

Name: Chacca

Gender: male

Comments: also from Paige

Adopt Chacca

Name: Shelob

Gender: female

Comments:...from Paige

Adopt Shelob

Three or more breeds

Name: Jax

Gender: female

Breeds: Siamese, Calico, & Alley Cat

Comments: A cool-looking cat sent in by Paige.

Adopt Jax

Name: Alexis Regina

Gender: female

Breeds: Siamese, Calico, Alley Cat

Comments: Also sent in by Paige.

Adopt Alexis Regina

Name: Allie

Gender: female

Breeds: Siamese, Calico, and Alley Cat

Comments: Also from Paige.

Adopt Allie

Name: Thingie

Gender: female

Breeds: Siamese, Chinchilla Persian, and Norvil*

Comments: Doesn't look much like a Norvil, but speaks Norvil-Talk. :-)

Adopt Thingie

*Hexed breed by Carolyn horn. You will need the breedfile of that breed for this catz to show up.

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