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It's Siamese Sanctuary's first b-day!!! Updates include: a special powerpoint presentation (link at the bottom of this page), new adoptions & mixes, a litters page, a new photo gallery, and a services page. Have fun!

Welcome to... Siamese Sanctuary! ~*~*~*~*~*

This is a site dedicated to breeding Siamese catz. No, no: not the real ones. The Siamese catz from Catz 4! If you don't know what Catz and Dogz are, click here to go to

Anyway, this is a new site but I think it will stay small like this forever. Actually, these catz are being bred in Catz 3 but they work in Catz 4 anyway. So, you can have them in both programs.

Use the buttons on your left to navigate the site. This site looks better in Internet Explorer. The prominent feature here is the Adoption Center. It contains only pure-bred, hex-free catz. They are downloadable so you don't have to send emails. Also take a look at the sounds page; I extracted sounds from the Siamese breed file and put them up on this site for your personal use.  You can also drop by the Gallery, the Poll, and the guestbook! Have fun and come back soon!


Friday, August 15, 2003

Happy birthday, Siamese Sanctuary!!!! I've got lots of goodies for you today, including a special powerpoint presentation (click link below). Also, there are new adoptions & mixes, a new litters page, a new photo gallery, and a services page. There is also a super-cool new navigation bar, at left. Just in case you're wondering where everything is: the services page is on the nav. bar, litters can be reached though the adoption center, and the new gallery, Photo Moment, can be accessed through the main gallery page.

Watch the presentation

NOTE-I have had people sending me "mutated" catz that turned out to be hex-painted. Please do not do that. I consider it very mean, especially when I clearly state that the catz on this site are hex-free.

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Thanks to "Lissa Explains it All" for the javascript effect.

Also, thanks to Paige for providing Siamese catz.