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Oddballz Mania

    Welcome to Oddballz Mania! This site has Oddballz pictures and sounds that are interesting, free, and non-copyright! If any of these don't work, please email me at Every once in a while I'll add a new sound or picture. If you have a sound or picture that I don't have, please feel free to send it to me. I'll give you credit. Please also take a look at my hexed oddballz page! Please note that this page will only display properly in Internet Explorer. Have fun and come back soon! -Miriam M.

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Now look, you guys, I don't want to be cross or mean, but I don't appreciate you putting junk on my site. I just got three links saying "szdgfkhdrgvdrkyd" and linking to nothing. Please, please, please do not do that. And also, I do not like SPAM. Nobody does. Please understand that if people keep doing this, I'll have to close down my site and change my email address, which I don't want to do. I love meeting all of the nice people who ask me questions and say that they like my site. Also understand that it is very hard to maintain a site and all those mean messages just make it harder. This message is intended only for those who ARE sending me SPAM, so don't feel offended. Thank you! And by the way, I'm almost done remaking my site so there will be real updates soon!