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My Oddballz


I have no idea why Miriam made me do THIS. She knows her own Oddballz better than anyone else. Oh well, please let them introduce themselves...

Okay, my name is Creeper. I'm a Quadrapus and I love Nosey... She's cute...

Hi, um, my name is, um, Saddie. *sniff* I, I, I, a, am very ssssshy. I c, c, c, cry a l, l, l, lot.

My name is Electron.. I am very electric. Don't mind Saddie up there, he cries a lot.

Helloooooo. My name is Joker. Miriam probably named me that because I'm VERY good at tricks. He, he!

Ho, ho, ho! I mean hi. My name is Icebo. I sing a lot.

Hi.. My name is Brownie. And no, I am not edible. I just love striped Grubz!

HI!!!! My name is T-Rex and often I'm really hyper. I like showing off my gold tooth.!

Hi, dude! Sorry. My name is Dimka. Miriam probably named me that after her brother, Dmitry. He's cool like me. I love to sing and dance. You can download a wav file of me singing on the Oddballz Soundz page. Bye now!

Hello, my name is Happy. Miriam named me that because I laugh a lot. Ha ha!

Hiiiiiii! My name is Fireball. That's because I love fire. I just HATE the Sno-Blaster! Why did it ever come into Oddballz?!

Hi. My name is Perdy (after the dog from 101 Dalmatians). I love doing tricks but I hate the red Loco-Pop.

Hello, my name is Jumper. I love doing karate and I love music.. That's it.



Well, those were all of Miriam's official Oddballz. She has tons of hexed ones. Too much to show all of them, actually. So here are some of her favorites:

Trunkz the Caramba! By Carolyn Horn

Dearie the Deardear Also by Carolyn Horn

Katey the Kateydid You guessed it; by Caroyn Horn

Katie the Katiedid And ALSO by Carolyn Horn

Electra the Spix I needn't tell you who this is by!

Wingz the Catwingz You know!

Valentine the Valentin You get the idea!!

Quad Eye the Eyez By Ron Tigat (finally!)

Noseless the Molez By Don

Glow the Lumi By Rachel Harmer

Wierdo the Bucbronc By Carolyn Horn

Angel the Buckaroo By Carolyn Horn

Squirrel the Quirrel By Isiah and Don

Peep the Birdbrain By Terri Manning