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This site is dedicated to all Petz fans and all Siamese catz. I created this site because once, a long time ago (before my computer deleted my stuff), I bred a light and darkWhat did I tell you? We are snobby, after all. Siamese. You know, the two different types from the Adoption Center. Anyway, from those catz I got a brindled Siamese and a super dark one whose points were barely visible. Anyway, now, almost a year later, I decided to try again.

This site was made with Microsoft Frontpage 2002. Most of the Siamese pics in these images come from the Web Fun Pack for both Petz 3 and 4. The rest I took in the game. The downloads are all in .ZIP format.

There is now a host here, currently Dark Chocolate. The host will change every once in a while (to give the other catz a chance).


My full name is Miriam Mogilevsky. I'm thirteen years old and am obsessed with Petz and making websites. I'm kinda busy (which is why I only update during school vacations).

The Current Host

Jeez! Nosey from Oddballz Mania gets a whole page to herself and I get this! That's retarded! It's insane!!!!! Well whatever. My name is Dark Chocolate, aka SiSa's Chocolate Delight. As you know, I was born here at Siamese Sanctuary to Snow and Nightime, also purebred Siamese. I'm quite playful, and Miriam is going to take lots of pics of me.