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There are a couple things I can do for you. Although you can send any cat you want, it is easier for me if they're siamese catz. Please tell me if the cat(z) you're sending can be posted on this site. This usually takes anywhere up to a week. The services include:


I can breed two of your catz for you. Send the catz, and specify two baby names, a girl and a boy name, that I should name their kitten with. Or, if you prefer a certain gender, please tell me so. Also tell me if you just want the pregnant cat back, instead of waiting till the kitten is born. You can also breed one of your catz with one of mine. The available catz are in the Adoption Center.

Unsticking pregnancies

A stuck pregnancy occurs when a pregnant catz doesn't give birth. I can easily fix this for you. Note-stuck pregnancies always occur when you have a pregnant cat and you set the computer clock back. As with breeding. please specify a boy and a girl name for the kitten, or specify if you'd prefer a certain gender for the kitten.

Changing gender/unspaying

This can be done quite easily using Carolyn Horn's tutorial. If you'd like me to give the cat a different name after changing its gender, please tell me so.

Returning Runaways

If you have petz 3, you can send me your runaway petz (in the "runaway petz" folder) and I'll return them. If you have petz 4, you can do this yourself by simply importing them.