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Welcome...I bet you did not expect a new look...


This site is not just redesigned, it also has a host...

Hey there! My name is Dark Chocolate and I am the new host. Ok. So, Siamese Sanctuary is a small site dedicated to nothing other than siamese catz! From petz 3 and 4, of course. If you don't know what petz are, click here to go to Myself, I'm a pedigree cat, but mutated. There are lots of others like me. Miriam, the webmistress, breeds catz like me and puts them up on this site. There is also a cool photo gallery, sounds extracted from the breedfile, a Hall of Fame, and more! This site looks best in internet explorer.

The catz here are purebred and hex-free (and downloadable).


Watch the presentation celebrating Siamese Sanctuary's first year.

NOTE-I have had people sending me "mutated" catz that turned out to be hex-painted. Please do not do that. I consider it very mean, especially when I clearly state that the catz on this site are hex-free. Thank you.

Report a problem!get this gear!

Thanks to Paige for providing Siamese catz.

And thanks to for this fabulous design.