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I'm smart! I'll answer your questions.



Q: How, how, HOW do you get Siamese to eat?

A: The "Help" tells you to put water on the food, but that doesn't really help. Most of Miriam's Siamese eat the food from the green bowl, but those that don't... Well, I don't think you can really get them to, and they never seem to be hungry. Most of Miriam's catz eat hexed food that Miriam downloaded for them.


Q: The yellow bar freezes on startup.

A: Ubi Soft says that this is probably because of the Carrot Seeds. Go to the "toys" folder and delete them. After Miriam did that, her game never crashed on startup again.


Q: I do everything that I'm supposed to, but my catz will not breed!

A: Make sure that your computer has a lot of memory. Then take out as many purfumes as you possibly can. The catz always try to play with them, and they won't be able to go anywhere without running into them. Just leave the game on, and go do something else. Eventually, your catz will breed. Or, you can put them all in the corner, and the catz will go there. When they're so in love that they're ready to mate, they'll leave them alone. You can also just gradually reduce the number of pufumes you have there.

Not like I've bred already, but I do watch what Miriam does.


Q: I don't have WinZip, so how do I adopt your catz?

A: Most people do have WinZip, so that's why Miriam did it that way. You can get the evaluation version here. However, the license costs something, I think. If you don't want to download it, you can always just send Miriam an email asking for the catz you want, and she'll email the pet file to you.