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The catz on this page were all bred using a Siamese cat and some other breed. Some catz were bred with a hexed breed. If so, you need that breed for it to work. Enjoy!

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Tabby mixes

Name: Sibby

Gender: female

Comments: has stripes, but with Siamese coloring.

Adopt Sibby

Name: Orange

Gender: female

Comments: Tabby colors but Siam points.

Adopt Orange

Name: Bointy

Gender: female

Comments: Basically the same as Orange.

Adopt Bointy

Russian Blue mixes

Name: Peach

Gender: male

Comments: have you noticed that he has points on his ears and nowhere else?

Adopt Peach

Name: Angle

Gender: male

Comments: He is a lot like Peach.

Adopt Angle

Calico mixes

Name: Camese

Gender: male

Comments: Quite a bit chubby, but not bad.

Adopt Camese

Name: Siam-spot

Gender: male

Comments: This looks more like a Calico than Camese does.

Adopt Siam-spot

Chinchilla Persian mixes

Name: Snower

Gender: male

Comments: He was born a long, long time ago!

Adopt Snower

Name: Oreo

Gender: female

Comments: She is actually a midget! It's the truth. Download her and see!

Adopt Oreo

Name: Juneau

Gender: male

Comments: Brr.

Adopt Juneau

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